Lingodigit is an Linux software designer.

We focus on Linux software implement and provide H/W suggestions and professional cooperation with hardware designer.

PCR platform Video Capture with QT

Customize Project for GeneReach POCKIT : Realtime PCR
  • GUI, Linux Integration and hardware consult.
  • Image Recognize and Catch
  • Camera Driver Porting
  • Data communication via ethernet , TCP/IP Data Transmit and Receive


    Firmware update and Secure Boot

  • MCUbootloader + Firmware update
  • Nuvoton M451 / ATMEL SAMA5x


    Linux version OpenGL EGLES and WebEngine

  • Convert Android BSP to Linux System, start with ubuntu
  • QT with OpenGL
  • TI AM3354 / NXP Freescale i.max 6Q / Allwinner A64


    DVR Record and playback

  • GrainMedia GM8187 / TI DM8147 DVR Preview: 6CH / 4CH / 1CH
    Record and playback
    Video codec: H.264 dual stream
  • GM8180 Vehicle DVR
  • l Performance: Dual channels 720x480 30 FPS Video Codec: H.264 BP
    Audio Codec: MP2
    File format: AVI
    Storage: SD/SDHC card
    GPS and Gsensor log
    Recording mode
    Cyclic recording: 10minutes per file.
    G-Sensor events: recording: 10 seconds before, and 20 seconds after an event.