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  ONVIF Software Stack passed ONVIF Device Test Tool V19.06

ONVIF NVT Software stack- ONVIF Network Video Transmitter:Network video server (an IP network camera or an encoder device) that sends media data over an IP network to a client. Lingodigit ONVIF NVT Profile S and Profile T software stacks have passed the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06 and also have well compatibility with different VMS systems. They are ported on HiSilicon HI3519 (with h.265), TI DM368 and Raspberry Pi.

Lingodigit ONVIF NVT Software stack are Extensive experience, Guarantee and Easy test.
Extensive experience, Lingodigit has followed ONVIF each update over 9 years from ONVIF specification version 2.0 to version 19.06 since 2010. We cooperate with more than 20 companies to develop ONVIF on their IP cameras. Our ONVIF software passe the ONVIF Conformance Test and well compatibility with different VMS systems.

Guarantee, ONVIF interface compatibility tested is not good enough to pass ONVIF Device Tool Conformance Test to be ONVIF product.

  • Our support ONVIF Software Stack porting and help customer to pass the ONVIF Device Tool Conformance Test. If you don't have a RTSP server or encoders, we alse provide those services.
  • ONVIF based on gSop( easy to follow ONVIF WSDL update and gSOAP is an long active project ). Each version of Lingodigit ONVIF software stack could be updated to latest ONVIF specification and passe the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool.
  • All functions could be porting to other SoCs. Most of the source code are platform independent.

  • Easy test, using ONVIF-Pi to turn your Raspberry Pi into an ONVIF IP camera then you can start our ONVIF NVT software stack with the popular Raspberry Pi.
    ONVIF-Pi bases on our ONVIF profile S NVT stack and has passed the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06. If you don’t have Raspberry Pi, we also provide another test firmware (Linux 64bits) for VirtualBox (the ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM). It uses pre-recorded video files, so frame rate and video quality settings have no effect. Contact us to getting limited ONVIF Profile S software on SOCs, such as TI TMS320DM3xx or VATICS Mozart 3xx ,M3C. You can find the development kit information from the left side items link or contact us info@lingodigit.com.

    ONVIF Device Tool Conformance Test
  • ONVIF Profile S test report of ONVIF Pi (ONVIF Raspberry Pi IP Camera passed ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06)
  • ONVIF Profile S test report of DM368 (ONVIF Device Test Tool v18.06)
  • ONVIF Device Tool Conformance Test of others platform

  • Free downlod ONVIF-Pi and ONVIF-Emulator
    ONVIF-Pi, ONVIF Raspberry Pi IP camera has h.264 and MJPEG video codecs, and G.711 and AAC audio codecs. Using ONVIF Software, VMS, and NVR to Control ONVIF Pi, such as our ONVIF Device Tool on Linux or ONVIF Device Manager on Windows.
    Free download ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM to testing Lingodigit ONVIF NVT software stack.
    Detail of ONVIF Pi

    ONVIF-Emulator Usage: Free to using ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM; but it is limited, so that you cannot log on console mode.
    1. Turn On ONVIF-Emu IP-Camera via VirtualBox, and visit IP-CAM Web Page.

    2. Using CMS software to control ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM, such as ONVIF Device Tool (or ONVIF Device Manager) to detecting ONVIF-Emu IP-Cam. Then type default user name and password are “admin” and “admin” to login on your CMS software to control ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM.

    Contact to Free Download ONVIF v2.6 (v2.5) Profile S Demo version - TMS320DM368 TMS320DM365 (TI DM368/TI DM365) , GrainMedia GM8126/GM8128 , VATICS Mozart 395s /VATICS M3C Series (M332C, M388C, M392C) . Other SOCs has to customize info@lingodigit.com

    ONVIF has approved with LINGODIGIT's ONVIF NVT Software Stack IPCAM:
  • TMS320DM368,Product Name:DM368-IMX036 Network Camera,ONVIF Device Test Tool v14.12| v13.12 |v13.06
  • VATICS Mozart 395s ,Product Name:Mozart395s-IMX122, ONVIF Device Test Tool v13.12
  • GrainMedia GM8128 ,Product Name:GM8128 Network Camera,ONVIF Device Test Tool v13.06

    Distinguishing Lingodigit's ONVIF NVT features:
    1. Full support ONVIF standard from ONVIF version 19.06 | v2.x to version 1.02
    2.Cross-platform support and can be easily ported to embedded devices.
    3.LINGODIGIT's ONVIF is compatible with Milestone
    4.Passed the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06 | ONVIF Device Test Tool v18.12
    5.Verified ONVIF Conformant Softwares, VMS, and NVR
    6.Provide ONVIF NVT software stack porting service.
    7.Could be expanded into ONVIF Profile T (System Requirement, H.264 or H.265 / Tampering detection / Motion detection).
    8.Free ONVIF Profile consultation until the end of the Warranty time.

    Supported ONVIF Services
  • Device Discovery
  • Device Management
  • Media Service
  • Event Service
  • PTZ Service
  • Imaging Service (brightness, contrast, ...)
  • Device I/O Service (Relay/GPIO)
  • Tampering detection / Motion detection (in ONVIf Profile T Services)

    Verified ONVIF Conformant Software, VMS, and NVR
  • ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06 / ONVIF Device Test Tool v18.12
  • ONVIF Device Manager
  • Milestone XProtect Professional 8.0 / Go! 2.5a
  • NUUO 4.0
  • exacqVision
  • Avigilon CCS 5.0.2
  • MiraSys
  • iSpy
  • Luxriot
  • Axxon Next
  • IPcorder NVR
  • Hikvision NVR

    System Requirements
  • Linux 2.6
  • An RTSP server supports UDP, TCP, and HTTP tunnelling and also matchs ONVIF requirements.

    Hardware Platfroms with ONVIF Certification
  • GrainMedia GM8126/GM8128/GM8180
  • HiSilicon HI3519
  • Raspberry Pi
  • TITMS320 DM368/DM365/TMS320DM8127
  • VATICS Mozart 395s /380 , VATICS M3C Series (M332C, M388C, M392C)