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  Free Download Linux ONVIF Device Tool

ONVIF Device Tool is an ONVIF NVC software on Linux . ONVIF NVC(Network Video Client) is network clients (e.g., NVR) which can manage ONVIF NVT (Network Video Transmitters) devices (IP cameras and video servers). Lingodigit ONVIF NVC software stack is baesed on Lingodigit ONVIF v2.6 client library. Manufactures can develop ONVIF compliant client products quickly using Lingodigit ONVIF NVC software stack. We also developed a GUI application named 'ONVIF Device Tool' using Lingodigit ONVIF NVC software stack.
Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool v19.05 has gotten the ONVIF Declaration of Conformance Supported Profiles S – ONVIF Client Test Tool v18.12 via ONVIF Client Test Tool (from v16.12 to v18.12).See the Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool FeatureList.

The Commercial Source Code (Basic Tech Support and No Warranties) of ONVIF Device Tool is quoted at USD2000. You can contact us info@lingodigit.com to get detail information.

If you need ONVIF software stack for IP camera has passed ONVIF Device Test Tool v18.12, please visit our ONVIF NVT Software stack to getting demo firmware or more information.

Free download ONVIF Device Tool:
Ubuntu 18.04 64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_19.05-20190521_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 16.04 64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_16.05-20160518_amd64.deb
Ubuntu 12.04 64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_15.12-20151229_amd64.deb
Debian Jessie 32bit (i386): onvif-device-tool_15.12-20160408_jessie_i386.deb

ONVIF Client Test Tool Conformance Test Reports
  • Usage:

  • Test Report: Declaration of Conformance – ONVIF Client
    ONVIF Device Toolv19.05-ONVIF Client Test Toolv18.12 Conformance Report Profile S
    ONVIF Device Toolv16.05-ONVIF Client Test Toolv17.12 Conformance Report Profile S
    ONVIF Device Toolv16.05-ONVIF Client Test Toolv16.12 Conformance Report Profile S
    ONVIF Device Tool Conformance ONVIF Client Test Toolv16.07 Conformance Report Profile S

    ONVIF Client Library

    Lingidigit ONVIF Client Library is a C library for ONVIF IP camera management. ONVIF Client Library help manufactures to develop ONVIF NVC products quickly.

    Target applications:
  • NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Video surveillance add-on of NAS
  • Video management system
  • ONVIF v2.6, v2.x compatible
  • Device Discovery
  • Digital (relay) output
  • Audio and video configuration
  • Event notification
  • PTZ control. Support absolute, relative, and continuous move models, PTZ preset.
  • Imaging Service (brightness, contrast, ...)
    Tested Cameras:
  • Axis P3301-V
  • Axis Q1604
  • Bosch NBN-932V
  • Brickcom CB-100AP
  • GBO S1080
  • Mozart395s-IMX122
  • Panasonic WV-NP502
  • Sony SNC-VB600
  • Vivotek IP8162

    ONVIF Device Tool -ONVIF NVC Software base on Linux is Free to Download

    Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool is an ONVIF NVC (Network Video Client) software for IP camera management. Our goal is make ONVIF Device Tool to be a Linux version of 'ONVIF Device Manager'.
    ONVIF has approved Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool with ONVIF Client Test Tool v15.02,based on ONVIF v2.6 (v2.5) Profile S - Ubuntu (x86 and amd64) 12.04 or above VLC and libVLC installed. Others have to customize. Advanced services please contact us info@lingodigit.com

    Free download Lingodigit ONVIF NVC software :
    Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool for Ubuntu 16.04 64bit (amd64)


    Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool for Ubuntu 12.04:

    64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_15.12-20151229_amd64.deb
    32bit (i686): onvif-device-tool_15.12-2015129_i686.deb

    Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool for Debian Jessie 32bit:

    Usage: onvif-device-tool_15.10-20151028_amd64.de ex: ~$ onvif-device-tool

  • ONVIF v2.6 compliant
  • Verified with ONVIF Client Test Tool v17.12
  • Linux Qt GUI with embedded VLC player

  • Ubuntu 12.04 or above
  • VLC installed