ONVIF Pi Free Download

To turn your Raspberry Pi into an ONVIF Security Camera,

Lingodigit ONVIF Pi is a Raspberry Pi Security Camera System which uses Raspberry Pi (recommend Pi2 or above) with Pi camera module (CSI Pi camera module, both 5MP and 8MP are supported).
ONVIF Pi has RTSP server and Lingodigit ONVIF Device software, so you can control, set IP and view the RTSP live video from ONVIF NVR, VMS such as ONVIF Device Tool on Linux or ONVIF Device Manager on Windows.
Lingodigit ONVIF Device software stack has well compatibility with different VMS systems, such as Milestone,NUUO ,exacqVision ,Avigilon,..and Hikvision NVR.
ONVIF Pi is an ONVIF Security Camera
  • Free Download ONVIF Pi to test Lingodigit ONVIF Device software stack
  • ONVIF Profile S test report of ONVIF Pi ( ONVIF Device Test Tool v20.12)
  • ONVIF-Pi has RTSP server: h.264 and MJPEG video encoder, video source from Pi camera
  • ONVIF-Pi demo version is limited, ONVIF Profile S support
    Cannot login via console terminal and without webpage settings.
  • ONVIF-Pi commercial version with low latency Live video supports to control IP Camera via web page.
    ONVIF Profile S, T support
    RTSP server has G.711 and AAC audio encoder, and h.264 and MJPEG video encoder.

  • Please contact us for further information info@lingodigit.com.

    ONVIF Pi, ONVIF-Emulator Usage

    Free to use ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM, but it is limited. You cannot login via console terminal but you can get or control them via ONVIF VMS software.

  • 1.Turn On ONVIF-Emu IP-Camera via VirtualBox

    ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM is Linux 64bits for VirtualBox.
    After ONVIF-Emulator booting you can visit it's Web Page and control ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM via ONVIF client device or software
    Free download ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM

  • 2. Using ONVIF VMS software to search and control ONVIF-Pi and ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM, such as ONVIF Device Tool on Linux or ONVIF Device Manager on Windows.
  •   While ONVIF Device Tool or ONVIF Device Manager detected the ONVIF-Pi or ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM, please type user name and password to login.
    Default user name and password are “admin” and “admin”

    ONVIF Pi - with low latency Live video

    Here has a commercial version demo and includes web page, web live video with low latency -- Website RTSP Player.
    Playback Live Video on Website with latency under 0.3 secs, and web browsers without plugin such as Edge,Chrome,Firefox,Opera and Safari.

  • Passed Profile S conformance test of the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06.
  • ONVIF software stack is based on gSOAP ( easy to follow ONVIF WSDL update and an long active project ). Each version of Lingodigit ONVIF software stack could be updated to latest ONVIF specification and passed the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool.
  • All functions could be porting to other SoCs. Most of the source code are platform independent.
  • ONVIF NVT Profile S and Profile T software stacks.