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  ONVIF Pi - ONVIF Raspberry Pi IP Camera

ONVIF-Pi is an ONVIF NVT software Stack demo firmware for popular Raspberry Pi. ONVIF-Pi is also an ONVIF Raspberry Pi IP camera that has h.264 and MJPEG video codecs, and G.711 and AAC audio codecs. Free download or more information, please visit ONVIF-Pi and ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM
  • Passed Profile S conformance test of the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v17.01.
  • Include all mebedded linux system , system integrate and hardware consult.
  • 使用 Raspberry Pi 與 Pi camera module 實作 ONVIF Profile S 規範網路攝影機
  • H.264, MJPEG RTSP 影像串流
  • Buildroot 自訂軔體

      Playback IPCamera Live Video on Website with latency under 0.3 secs

    WebRTC player doesn't need a plugin in modern browsers. Web RTC supports H.264/VP8/G.711. The list of supported codecs may change in the future.
    Add our WebRTC for IP Camera, your IP Camera live video will be displayed via the web browser on any device regardless of whether it’s a PC, MAC, mobile or tablet.
    Contact us info@lingodigit.com to arrange WebRTC demo, and please attach your compamy brief information.
    WebRTC Live Streaming on Raspberry :
  • RTSP source is from IP Camera and running WebRTC on Raspberry Pi
  • supported by modern HTML5 browser, Windows/Linux + Chrome, Firefox
  • Playback 1080P 30fps in internet or local area network and the latency is under 0.3 secs

      檢測數據 IoT

  • RS-485 + ModBus 讀取工業用錶頭, 即時檢測
  • 網頁顯示即時數據與現場影像 (Pi camera module)
  • 每日報表上傳 Internet 主機


  • 支援 3G/4G, WiFi
  • Pi camera module 與類比攝影機兩用(經USB影像擷取卡)
  • 定時拍照並上傳 Internet 主機
  • 手動拍照參數控制(Pi camera module限定)
  • R/G/B 三色分離與數值分析

      360度攝影機即時影像串流 on Orange Pi2

  • 擷取 JPEG 靜態影像 (WiFi), 轉碼為 H.264 (Orange Pi2 硬體加速), 加上 AAC audio (Orange Pi2 板載麥克風)後, 提供 RTSP 影音串流 影像預覽(Android App)