RTSP Server Solution


Softawre Solutions
Raspberry Pi & Orange Pi2
Embedded Linux

  RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol )Server

Main Features
  • Based on Live555 open source project
  • Hardware independent stream source
  • RTSP Mulit Streams and Audio and Video Independent
    Free Combination- Each streaming is free combination of video and audio stream. Lingodigit plugin is suitable for any Live55 vrstion . You can change or update any Live555 version by yourself.

    Audio and Video Independent -Each Lingodigit RTSP steream's audio and video can combination independent, better than other SOC SDK's RTSP server. Some platform SDK's RTSP server only can select all stream's audio on or all off .

    Mulit Content Sources- Original LIVE555 RTSP Server only support file source ,Lingodigit RTSP mulit streams Plugin could let LIVE555 RTSP server support mulit content sources. Using Lingodigit RTSP Server ,your connected data could come from COMS / YUV / TCP .. . You can implete on any SOC,Lingodigit RTSP Server already implement on GrainMedia GM8126 / GM8128 .

    Supported Codecs
  • Video: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
  • Audio: G.711, G.726, AAC

    Demo Platform
  • Raspberry Pi

      RTSP Server on Orange Pi

  • Android APP
  • JPEG transcoding to H.264
  • RTSP server with H.264/ACC
  •   Server and Client porting on TI OMAP 3530

  • Video Codec: MPEG-4 SP/ASP, H.264 BP
  • Audio Codec: MP2, G.711, AAC
  • Wireless: WiFi, 3G
  • Other Experiences on TMS320DM368

  • RTSP over HTTP tunneling
  • RTSP QoS enhancement: support user specified DSCP in IP packets.
  • live555 modification for HikVision NVR and live555 bitrate reduction to prevent cpu max out