Lingodigit is an Linux software designer

Lingodigit is an Linux software designer in Taiwan since 2010. Lingodigit implemented software for IP Camera, such as video encoder, RTSP server, website live video player, ONVIF software stack.

Focus on Linux software implementation and provide H/W suggestions and professional cooperation with hardware designer.
Since 2012, we set offical on Genereach 3F to implement Linux applications of POCKIT realtime PCR machines.

Focus on ONVIF software stack since 2010 and the first ONVIF Software Stack is ONVIF Software v1.02 on GrainMedia GM1828 IPCAM. ONVIF approved the LINGODIGIT's ONVIF IPCAM on 2012.
Now we provide free ONVIF software demo version on Raspberry Pi and ONVIF-Emulator IP CAM. We implemented ONVIF software stacks on many SoCs such as NVIDIA Jetson Nano, HiSilicon Hi3519 Hi3516, Vatics,TI DM368 and etc. We still keep following ONVIF to release and update ONVIF Software stacks for each ONVIF Test Tool released.