Lingodigit is an Linux software designer

We focus on Linux software implement and provide H/W suggestions and professional cooperation with hardware designer.

Design and develop on ARM/MIPS Embedded Linux, PC

  • Linux Software/ Firmware Development and Integration
  • ONVIF Software Stack:
    ONVIF Profile S,T,M and G for Devices (IP Cameras)
    ONVIF Profile S,T for Client (NVR,VMS)
  • RTSP Server, Android RTSP Server
  • Website Live RTSP playback
  • H.264 H.265 and MPEG-4 Video Applications
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Two-way Audio/Video Communication
  • Bluetooth Communucation
  • 4G Communication , IoT
  • Linux GUI Applications with Multimedia Integration

  • Experience in Linux porting onto Soc

  • GrainMedia GM8187/GM818x/ GM8126 /GM1828
  • HiSilicon Hi3519, Hi3516
  • NXP Freescale i.max 6Q / Allwinner A64 / Microchip SAMA5D2
  • NVIDIA JetsonNano
  • Orange Pi / Raspberry Pi
  • Samsumg S3C244x / TQ2440 / DM2440
  • TMS320DM368 (TI DM368) / DM8147 / TIDM8127
  • TI OMAP3
  • VATICS Mozart 3s / VATICS M3C /VATICS M5