Websit play RTSP Live Stream

Here have two functions to playback Live Video on Website with latency under 0.3 secs, these are Web Live Video Player and WebRTC.

Web Live Video Player

The solution contains an RTSP-to-fMP4 gateway at server side, and a JavaScript player for browsers
  Key features:
  • Sub-second latency (~200ms, glass-to-glass)
  • No plugin required. Compatible to HTML5 browsers with MSE (MediaSource Extension) support
  • Support H.264 video and AAC audio
  • Lightweight. Only 3% CPU loading on quad core Cortex A53 600MHz when playing 1920x1080@30fps 8Mbps RTSP stream.
  • Please contact us for further information info@lingodigit.com.


    Web Live Video Demo

    Wall clock (left), HTML5 player (upper right), and direct RTSP player (ffplay, lower right)


    WebRTC on ONVIF Pi IPCamera ( ONVIF IP Camera used Raspberry Pi )

  • Playback Live Video on Website with latency under 0.3 secs
  • Web browsers without plugin such as Edge,Chrome,Firefox,Opera and Safari